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About Overhead Films

Aerial Drone Video & Photography

Overhead Films is based in Central Florida and provides Aerial Drone Video and Photography Services.

We specialize in aerial cinematography using the latest technology in radio controlled multirotor aircrafts and Ultra HD 4K cameras. Overhead Films offers a brand-new perspective at a fraction of the cost of traditional helicopter aerial photography/cinematography services.

With over a two decades of experience in production, photography, video, media and audio/visual editing, we rise above our competitors delivering phenomenal Ultra HD 4K seamless video that will instantly increase the production value of any project. In addition to holding FAA 333 exemption no. 15154

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Safety of Overhead Films

Overhead Films holds FAA 333 Exemption No. 15154 and is fully insured for commercial aerial work. Overhead Films takes great strides to make sure we comply with all state and federal safety recommendations.

Outdoor Flying

All Overhead Films’ pilots are members of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) and we abide by, but are not limited to, the following community-based safety guidelines;

  1. Maximum flying altitude of 400ft.
  2. Line of Sight at all times with Overhead Films’ aircraft.
  3. Maintaining awareness of manned aircraft operations and remaining a safe distance with zero interference, avoiding obstacles at all times.
  4. Maintaining a safe of 25ft or more from unprotected persons, moving vehicles and vulnerable property.
  5. Awareness of ‘No fly Zones’ within a 5 mile radius of airports and mandatory contact with control towers in case of closer proximity.
  6. Hazardous weather conditions are unacceptable for any and all Overhead Films flights including, but not limited to, high winds, reduced visibility and rain.
  7. Maintaining a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug intoxication.
  8. No flights to be held in close proximity to sensitive infrastructures or properties including, but not limited to, power stations, water treatment facilities, correctional facilities, heavily traveled roadways and government facilities.
  9. Routinely checking and abiding by local laws and requirements before flying in close proximity of private property.
  10. No surveillance by any means will be performed of any person(s) where there is an expectation of privacy and without signed permission.

Our drones are fully equipped with built-in Fail Safe Procedures and GPS Technology to ensure safety. In the case of unfortunate circumstances where control signal is lost for more than 3 seconds, the drone will automatically fly back to the operators “Home” coordinates where it initially lifted off the ground.

Indoor Flying

Our quadcopters come with state-of-the-art Vision Positioning Technology that ensures steady position holding even when the GPS is unavailable allowing for smooth and safe indoor shooting.

Built-in sensors determine it’s very location and altitude. These perceptive features guarantee a safe indoor flight.

Hardware & Software

Overhead Films is proud to use the following products